Success: Setting Goals

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one footstep.”
– Lao Tzu


    As simple as it may seem, the act of writing goals down on paper is not practiced by most people.  In order to achieve your goals, you have to set them.  In order to set goals, you must write them down. Every year, many people make New Year’s resolutions, but never carry them out.  There are even more people that never even bother to set goals at all for fear of not being able to accomplish them.  Setting goals is your commitment to your journey.

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    Course Curriculum

    Step: 3 Setting Goals – Introduction FREE 00:00:00
    Most People Lack Direction 00:00:00
    Most People Don’t Set Goals 00:00:00
    Don’t Be Afraid To Set Goals 00:00:00
    Write Your Goals Down 00:00:00
    Make Goals Realistic 00:00:00
    Take Small Steps and Steady Actions 00:00:00
    Gather Info on Your Goals 00:00:00
    Organize a Course of Action 00:00:00
    Take Action Daily 00:00:00
    Goals Are Accomplished One Step at A Time 00:00:00
    Picture Yourself Accomplishing Your Goals 00:00:00
    Stay On Track, Evaluate Constantly 00:00:00
    Constantly Set New Goals 00:00:00
    You Need More Than One Goal 00:00:00
    Seven types of goals 00:00:00

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